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Boots & Gloves & Rods dielectric test set

Boots & Gloves & Rods dielectric test set Boots & Gloves & Rods dielectric test set Boots & Gloves & Rods dielectric test set Boots & Gloves & Rods dielectric test set
Product name:Boots & Gloves & Rods dielectric test set
Item:HMJS-3 (0-50KV, 0-100KV)
I. Product introduction

We designed & produced Model no.HMJS-3 insulating boots ( gloves ) & Insulation Rods dielectric test equipment based on charged protective equipment insulation test procedures, and compliance with the majority of users opinions. The product has an effective solution for the past irregular testing method, thereby simplifying the testing procedures, improving the test speed. A more reliable identification of insulating boots ( gloves ) leakage current, insulation aging, power frequency withstand voltage and other parameters. To protect operator safety, so it is the ideal insulation boots ( gloves ) and special equipment.

Its main features: it can be tested simultaneously 3 pair of insulating boots ( gloves ), and it can read leakage current of each glove to judge unqualified insulating boots ( gloves ); structure bottom assembly casters, so it can freely move.

HMJS-3 (0-50KV) is suitable for Boots & Gloves dielectric testing.
HMJS-3 (0-100KV) is suitable for Boots,Gloves & insulation Rods testing.

II. Working principle

0~220V power supply, regulating power frequency voltage withstand test according to the principle of electromagnetic induction of test transformer, to make transformer output 0~1-100KV high voltage to each electrode, so that insulating boots ( gloves ) obtain the test voltage specified. According to the insulating boots ( gloves ) test procedures, read, record test parameters.

III. Structure design

The product is divided into 3 parts: HMJS-3 type insulating boots ( gloves ) dielectric test device test trolley, trolley moving bracket, sinks, electrode rod support; HMJS-3 type insulating boots ( gloves )dielectric test device test bench, insulating boots ( gloves ),Insulation Rods  pressure test device test bench is composed of a transformer and control unit.

Trolley equipment includes:
1) Moving bracket;
2) Sink;
3) Insulating rod
4) Electrode rod support;
5) High voltage terminal;
6) Leakage measurement terminal

Transformer 5KVA/100KV
1) Capacity:5KVA
2) Input Voltage:AC200V 50Hz
3) Power Input:25A
4) Output Voltage:AC100KV
5) Power Output:AC50mA

IV.Main technical parameters

1. Input voltage: 220V,50HZ
2. output voltage:0-100KV
3.Capacitance: 5KVA
4. Test number : 3 pairs each
5.Weight: Insulation test trolley with protective tools: 75KG
                  Control unit : 35KG
                  Transformer (5kva/100kv): 60kgs (0-50KV); 115kgs (0-100KV)
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