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DC Winding Resistance Tester

DC Winding Resistance Tester DC Winding Resistance Tester DC Winding Resistance Tester DC Winding Resistance Tester
Product name:DC Winding Resistance Tester

1.DC resistance of motor transformer is a necessary test item for the delivery test, installation, handover test of semi-finished products and finished products in transformer manufacturing and the preventive test of power department. It can effectively find the manufacturing defects such as material selection, welding, loose connection parts, lack of strands, disconnection and other hidden dangers after operation of transformer coil. In order to meet the needs of rapid measurement of transformer DC resistance, the company has developed a DC resistance tester by using its own technical advantages. Transformer DC resistance tester this instrument adopts new power supply technology, which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, large output current and automatic adjustment according to the size of load. The whole machine is sampled by dual chips with higher precision. It can automatically complete the functions of self inspection, data processing, display and printing, and has the functions of automatic discharge and discharge indication. The instrument has the advantages of high precision and simple operation, and can realize the rapid measurement of transformer DC resistance.

1. DC resistance measurement of winding is one of the routine tests of transformer. Its purpose is to check whether the connection or mechanical characteristics between windings, windings and leads are good, and whether the resistance between each phase winding is balanced, so as to ensure the safe operation of transformer.

3.32-bit ARM processing core is used to control the whole machine, automatically complete the functions of self calibration, steady current judgment, data processing and resistance value display, and can measure DC resistance of various types of transformers and transformers.

Technical parameters

1.Output current: max. 10A (20A can be customized)










±0.2%±5 digits






±0.2%±5 digits












±0.2%±5 digits






±0.5%±5 digits






±0.5%±5 digits

Note: For test in automatic mode, select the manual current or detect on and off state of the test lead and whether the grip is tightly clamped, the spring tension at the grip if the resistance value jumps or the current is incorrect. 

2.Highest resolution: 0.1mW.

3.65K true color LCD display, menu prompt and user-friendly operation.

4.Large-capacity storage.

5.AC-DC dual purpose,AC power supply: AC220V±10﹪,DC lithium battery (Optional).

6.Operating temperature range:﹣10℃~40℃

7.Operating humidity: Ambient humidity<80%RH.

8.Weight: 4 kg.


1.AC220 power socket, provided with switch and fuse cabin

2.GND wire terminal

3.I+, I-: Output current terminal

4.V+,V-: Sampling voltage terminal

5.Function key: including “loop”, “Reset”, “Select”, “Print”, “Enter”

6.Charge: Charging indicator
7.Printer: print test result.
8.Wire box:
Sr no
Power supply cable
   1 unit
Test cables
   1 set
Printer paper
   1 unit
   1 unit

lithium battery

   1 unit
Factory’s Calibration report
   1 unit
Operating manual
   1 unit