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Digital AC/DC Hipot Test Set

Digital AC/DC Hipot Test Set Digital AC/DC Hipot Test Set Digital AC/DC Hipot Test Set Digital AC/DC Hipot Test Set
Product name:Digital AC/DC Hipot Test Set

AC Hipot test set (Digital Control unit) adopt numerical control technology, strong anti-jamming capacity. Compared with the last generation control box, it has small size, light weight, fine appearance characters, etc. Its output voltage range is 0~250V continuously adjustable, and it is used for calibrate, detect and test voltage regulate control for equipment. This control unit has simple operation, compact structure, stable function, reliable running, easy maintenance features, and it is the ideal control equipment for outdoor HV test. It can be widely used in electricity, hydraulic engineering, chemical, railway industries and laboratories. 


1.Direct reading: This equipment adopt digital LCD meter which can directly display HV voltage, meter voltage and LV current, HV current. It is easy for test observation and recording. 
2. Accuracy measurement: Whole digital processing, built-in precise mathematical models, high test accuracy, precision test result. 
3. Exactly protection function: Whole digital processing, over-current protection value setting, voltage setting, and over-voltage protection value setting all adopt digital display which makes the protection more exactly. 
4. Automatically timing: This equipment has the timing function. It automatically measures time according to the set voltage which makes the timing more efficient. 
5. Easy to carry: small size, light weight, the volume is 30%~ 70% the volume of the similar products. 

Technical Parameters:

 Low voltage resolution:0.1A
 High voltage resolution:1mA
 Meter voltage resolution:0.1V
 Meter HV voltage resolution:0.1kV
 Power supply:AC380V±10% 50Hz
 Output voltage:AC0~450V continous
 Output capacitance:20kVA
 Output current:50A
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