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FDS-PDC dielectric frequency response analyzer

FDS-PDC dielectric frequency response analyzer FDS-PDC dielectric frequency response analyzer FDS-PDC dielectric frequency response analyzer FDS-PDC dielectric frequency response analyzer
Product name:FDS-PDC dielectric frequency response analyzer
Price:FDS-PDC dielectric frequency response analyzer
DRA-3000 Dielectric Frequency Response Analyzer (DFR) combines frequency domain and time domain testing methods, enabling users to conduct broadband measurements on equipment in a relatively short time, greatly reducing the workload of on-site testers and improving on-site work efficiency. The maximum DC output voltage of this product can reach 2kV, and the maximum AC output voltage can reach 500V (peak value). At the same time, it supports the PDC method and the FDS method, which can effectively detect the status of high-voltage insulation systems (such as power transformers, bushings, cables, and generators), and can automatically analyze them to determine the moisture content in the insulation materials. It uses a non-destructive method to evaluate the moisture condition of equipment, as an important basis for equipment replacement and other drying measures.

Test principle
DRA-3000 dielectric response analyzer can use either the polarization depolarization PDC method or the frequency domain FDS method alone, or both methods can be used at the same time. The PDC curve can be converted into a low-frequency FDS curve through a unique algorithm, and the high-frequency measured FDS curve can form a full-range FDS curve. This allows users to measure the equipment in a relatively short time in a wide frequency range, greatly reducing the workload of on-site testing personnel and improving on-site work efficiency.

1.PDC method
Polarization-depolarization current (PDC)method is a time-domain measurement method for dielectric response. It uses the polarization characteristics of dielectric materials under DC voltage to obtain PDC curves, and studies the relationship between PDC curve changes and aging/water content. The principle of polarization/depolarization current method: When a DC voltage is applied to an insulating dielectric, polarization occurs inside the dielectric, and the internal dipoles are arranged in a directional manner to form a polarization current; After removing the DC voltage and shorting the two electrodes, the polarized charges gradually change from a directional arrangement to a disordered state, generating a depolarizing current.

2.FDS method
Frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS) method is to study the polarization characteristics of a medium in the frequency domain, also known as the frequency response method. By applying AC voltage signals of different frequencies to both ends of the insulating medium material, a responsive current signal is generated in the medium. The amplitude and phase of the responsive current signal are measured. Based on the relevant information of the voltage signal, information such as dielectric loss, complex capacitance, and complex dielectric constant of the insulating material is calculated. This information is closely related to the insulation state, and the insulation state can be effectively evaluated by using this information.

Main technical parameter

Main performance indicators
PDC output voltage
Range:0~-2kV,continuous adjustablewaveform raple:≤2%,
accuracyrated voltage ×2%±10V
PDC output current
FDS output voltage
frequency accuracy:0.1%
FDS output current
Capacitance range

Sampling voltage


Samling current

Range:2mA、20μA、200nA、2nA,Resolution:10μA、100nA、1nA、10pA,Accuracyrange ×2%
Functional parameters

Measurement mode

PDC or FDS methods can be used alone, or combination of both measurement methods can be used simultaneously to obtain comprehensive analysis results

Measurement function

Measurement at same time: ,amplitude of 1 to 3 channels of voltage/1 to 3 channels of current, phase, dielectric loss

Measurement method

Off-line measurement

Wiring method
Voltage output mode
High voltage amplifier amplification output
Tablet PC interface
Computer interface
RS232 or USB

Data storage

Automatically store data, up to 100 sets of historical data can be stored

System protection

With short circuit/overcurrent/overheating/battery over discharge/cable detachment protection function


Power supply

Built-in lithium battery power supply, charger 42V/2A

Host Dimension


Host weight