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Intelligent Cable Fault Tester

Intelligent Cable Fault Tester Intelligent Cable Fault Tester Intelligent Cable Fault Tester Intelligent Cable Fault Tester
Product name:Intelligent Cable Fault Tester
Suitable for testing various faults of copper and aluminum power cables, coaxial cables and telephone communication cables under 35KV level, such as open circuit faults, short circuit, high resistance fault and flashover of leakage of high resistance failure in different sections, different mediums and different materials, includes low-resistance, short circuit, hi-resistance leakage and hi-flash breakdown.
II. Parameters
1.Testing distance: ≥ 45 km
2.The shortest distance(blind zone) is 5-10m.
3. Testing error: ±1%, Location error: ±0.2m            
4.Test method:Low-voltage impulse method, DC hi-voltage flashover method and impact hi-voltage flashover method.
5.Sampling Frequency: 6.25MHz、10MHz、25MHz、50MHz、100MHz、Adaptive pulse width
7. Storage: 20G EMS Memory, USB
8. Resolution: V/50m,        V means the transmitting ratio m/μS.
9. Printing mood: Equipped with mini-printer for recording testing wave data and date. 
10. Display: 12.1' LCD
11. Power source and power loss:AC 200V±10%, ≤10W
                               DC 12V(7AH), ≤20W
12. Standby time: 4 hours continuous
13. Host Technical paremeter:
2)Impedence output:ZO=ZC(characteristic cable resistivity)
3)signal frequency:Hi-frequency 15KHZ, sinewave
4)Output range:VO=12-300V
5)Output type:Keyboard-control type,continues and interrupted type,
   Ammeter indication
 6) Dimension:300 × 400 × 180mm3.
 7) Weight: 9kgs