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MOA Tester (Metal Oxide Arrester)

MOA Tester (Metal Oxide Arrester)
Product name:MOA Tester (Metal Oxide Arrester)
The Arrester is suitable for testing the internal defects of all kinds of voltage class of MOA (Metal Oxide Arrester).
-Supply power: AC220V or Charging battery.
-LCD display test datas.
-Convenient to carry.
Technical Parameters
1) Testing Range:
 -Testing Voltage:                  0~500 KV
 -Full Current(Peak):               0~10 mA
 -3 times harmonic wave current::   0~10 mA
 - Resistive Current(Peak):         0~10 mA
 - Capacitive Current(Peak):        0~10 mA
 - Arrester Consumption:           0~150W
2) Testing angle:                      0°-360°
3) Display Waveform of Voltage and full Current.
4) Testing Error
 -Testing Voltage:                   ±2%
 - Full Current:                      ±2%
 - Resistive Current:                   ±5%
 - Capacitive Current:                  ±5%
 - Arrester Consumption:                ±5%
5) Input:
Voltage(PT at low voltage side):   AC 5~200V
Current:                        AC 0~20mA
5) Working Power:
AC 220V±10%, 50Hz
Built in Charging battery