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PTM600 Portable Gas Analyzer

PTM600 Portable Gas Analyzer PTM600 Portable Gas Analyzer PTM600 Portable Gas Analyzer PTM600 Portable Gas Analyzer
Product name:PTM600 Portable Gas Analyzer
Product introduction:
PTM600 portable gas analyzer is used for portable occasions that need to accurately detect and analyze various gas concentrations, temperature and humidity measurement. It uses 3.5 inch high-definition color screen to display the concentration in real time. It uses the current industry brand gas sensors of electrochemistry or infrared, catalytic combustion, thermal conductivity, PID photoion principle, and Swiss high-precision capacitive digital temperature and humidity sensor.

PTM600 advanced circuit design, mature kernel algorithm processing, has achieved a number of software works and appearance. Ptm600 portable gas analyzer can detect and analyze gas concentration in pipeline, confined space and atmospheric environment, as well as gas leakage. It can detect more than 500 kinds of gas, and can also detect and analyze high concentration single gas purity with various background gases of nitrogen or oxygen.
Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, flue gas analysis, air treatment and other occasions that need to detect and analyze gas concentration.
Main features:
1. Splash proof, dust-proof, explosion-proof, shockproof, intrinsically safe circuit design, antistatic, anti-electromagnetic interference, passed the national standard test and CMC measuring instrument production license certification
2. The protection level is IP66, and the built-in water vapor and dust filter can prevent the sensor and instrument from being damaged by water vapor and dust
3. The built-in pump suction measurement has rapid response, and the sampling distance is more than 10 meters. The special gas path design can directly detect the positive pressure or negative pressure of - 0.3-2 kg gas, and has no influence on the measurement results
4. The 3.5-inch high-definition color screen displays real-time concentration, alarm, time, temperature, humidity, storage, communication, printing, power, charging status and other information. The menu interface uses high-definition simulation icon to display the function name of each menu
5. Large capacity data storage function, with 100000 pieces of data storage capacity as standard, and larger capacity can be customized. It can be equipped with U-disk storage or SD card storage function. It supports real-time storage, fixed-time storage or only alarm concentration data and time. It can also upload data to the computer through USB, infrared communication and RS232 interface. The data can be analyzed, stored and printed by upper computer software.
6. Automatic identification of infrared communication interface, USB interface, RS232 interface, optional internal or external wireless infrared printer, printing content: company name, gas name, date and time, environmental temperature and humidity, concentration data, detection results (whether qualified)
7. USB charging interface, can be charged by computer or power bank, compatible with mobile phone charger, over charge, over discharge, over-voltage, short circuit, overheating protection, 5-level accurate power display, support USB hot plug, the detector can work normally when charging
8. It adopts 2 * 5400ma high capacity rechargeable polymer battery, which can work continuously for a long time
9. Sound and light alarm, visual alarm, undervoltage alarm, fault alarm, multi-dimensional display of alarm status.
10. The alarm value can be set, and the alarm mode can be low alarm, high alarm, interval alarm and weighted average value alarm
11. High precision temperature and humidity measurement (optional) and temperature compensation for the sensor. The temperature range of the instrument is - 40 ~ 70 degrees, which can detect 1300 degrees of gas (optional high temperature sampling, cooling and filtering handle or high temperature and humidity pretreatment system)
12. It can detect at least 0.001ppm and up to 99.999% Vol. it supports automatic switching between high and low ranges (to be noted when ordering).
13. It can be detected in real time or at fixed time (for the situation that the amount of gas to be measured is relatively small), and the pump can be turned off to extend the start-up time when it is not detected.
14. It can detect 1-5 kinds of gases at the same time, and can be expanded to 18 kinds of gases at most. The unit can be switched freely. The conventional gas does not need to input the molecular weight, and the special gas needs to input the molecular weight to calculate and switch automatically. The unit can be selected as ppm, mg/m3, vol%, LEL%, PPHM, ppb, mg/L
15. The three display modes can be switched: display six kinds of gas concentration at the same time, display the concentration of single channel gas and real-time curve in large font cycle, switch between automatic circulation or manual cycle between channels, set whether to display the maximum value, minimum value and gas name, and check the historical record curve.
16. Chinese and English interface can be selected, concise Chinese or English operation tips can be easily operated by users of all ages
17. Data recovery function, can be selectively recovered or fully recovered, concentration calibration misoperation can be automatically identified and prevented, so as to avoid adverse effects caused by human factors
18. Automatic zero point tracking and multi-level calibration of target points ensure the linearity and accuracy of measurement, and can meet the national standards and local standards of Metrology bureau at the same time.
19. It can record the calibration log, maintenance log, troubleshooting countermeasures, reminder of sensor life expiration and the next concentration calibration time.
Technical parameters:
1. Detection gas:
 -Model no.PTM600-5: CO, H2S, O2,
 -Model no.PTM600-6: CO, H2S, O2, EX, CO2, NOX
Optional: it can detect any 1-5 0r 1-6 kinds of gas concentration, temperature and humidity, and can be expanded to 18 kinds of gases at most.
2. Detection range: CO (0-1000ppm), H2S (0-100ppm), O2 (0-30% vol), EX (0-100% LEL), CO2 (0-5000ppm), NOX (0-1000ppm), other ranges can be customized
3. Resolution: CO (0.1ppm), H2S (0.01ppm), O2 (0.01% vol), ex (0.1% LEL), CO2 (1ppm), NOx (0.1ppm), higher resolution can be customized
4. Detection principle: electrochemistry, catalytic combustion, infrared, thermal conductivity, PID photoion, depending on gas, range, site environment and user requirements
5. Detection method: built in pump suction, flow rate 800 ml / min
6. Display mode: 3.5-inch 320x240 resolution large screen high-definition color display
7. Detection accuracy: ≤ ± 2% (F.S)
8. Linearity: ≤± 2%
9. Renaturation: ≤ ± 2%
10. Uncertainty: ≤± 2%
11. Alarm mode: sound and light alarm, visual alarm, sound light + visual alarm, closing alarm
12. Response time: T90 ≤ 20 seconds
13. Recovery time: ≤ 30 seconds
14. Working power supply:DC 3.7V
15. Sensor life: more than three years
16. Operating environment: temperature - 40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃; relative humidity ≤ 0-99% RH
17. Sample gas temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃, equipped with high temperature sampling cooling filter handle or high temperature and high humidity pretreatment system, the flue gas concentration at 1300 ℃ can be detected
Temperature display: - 40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃, accuracy 0.5 ℃ (optional)
Humidity display: 0-100% RH accuracy 3% RH (optional)
18. Battery capacity: 3.7V DC, 2 * 5400ma rechargeable polymer battery with overcharge, over discharge, overvoltage and short circuit protection functions
19. Data storage: standard capacity of 100000 pieces of data, optional SD card, U disk storage, unlimited capacity, support the machine to view, delete or data export, free upper computer communication software, storage function default to off state, can be set to open state, storage interval can be set to any setting
20. Communication interface: infrared, USB, RS232 automatic identification
21. Printer: optional, built-in micro printer or external micro wireless infrared printer
22. Wireless transmission: optional, data can be transmitted wirelessly to mobile phone, remote monitoring center, monitoring computer, etc
24. Explosion proof type: intrinsically safe
25. Explosion proof sign: Exia II CT4
26. Protection grade: IP66, rainproof, splash proof and dustproof
27. External dimension: 255 × 210 × 125mm (L × H × W)
28. Weight: 2.5kg
Standard Annex:
1*Instruction manual;
1* Warranty card;
1*USB charger (including data cable);
1*high-grade portable aluminum alloy box; 
1*CD (computer communication software);
1* 40cm stainless steel sampling handle (1m hose)
Optional accessories:
Built in micro printer, external micro wireless infrared printer, temperature and humidity
measurement function, U disk storage, wireless data communication function, high temperature
sampling and cooling filter handle, high temperature and high humidity pretreatment system,
external remote sampling pump, multiple humidity and dust filters, 1.2 m telescopic sampling
handle (1m hose)