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Primary Current Injection

Primary Current Injection Primary Current Injection
Product name:Primary Current Injection

I. Introduction 

Strong current generator is the necessary equipment in places of strong current. It is widely used in power plants, power distribution stations, electrical manufacturers, research institutes and other departments. The equipment has the characters of short-term or intermittent system, small size, light weight and easy maintenance and so on.

II. Structure

The product has full metal shell and aluminum-alloy panel combination with reasonable structure, elegant appearance, light weight and easy move. DLK-1000A Cable for optional (200mm2*2.5m)

III. Technical Parameters and Specifications

●Power supply:AC220V±10% 50Hz
●Output voltage:6V
●Output current:AC0~1000A
●Current resolution:1A
●Voltage resolution:0.01V
●Net weight:56kg

Operating: Full load time should not exceed 5 minutes, continuous work time should be less than 2.5 minutes, but the working cycle should be more than 10 minutes (operating time can be designed as per requirements).

IV. Advantage:

● Zero start, over-current tips;
● Built-in measurement circuit of AC real RMS, accompanied with high precision LCD display, which has high measuring precision and visual display.
● Automatic timing: automatic timing when it reachs setting value.
● Iron core adopts new cold-rolled silicon steel strip two silicon;
● high current coil is made of TT rectangular copper bar;
● Small volume, light weight, it is convenient to measure at field.
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