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Resonant Test Set

Resonant Test Set
Product name:Resonant Test Set
Item:RTSS series

Suitable for high-capacity, high-voltage capacitive voltage withstand test.
For 10kV, 35kV, 110kV, 220kV cable AC voltage withstand test;
For 110 kV, 220kV GIS system AC voltage withstand test;
For 110 kV, 220kV high-voltage switches, PT, CT AC voltage withstand test;
For large transformers and generators AC voltage withstand test.

1.Output the standard sine wave, distortion rate<0.5%;
2.Tuning test voltage, frequency range, the protection current, test time;
3.Software automatically fine frequency voltage regulator that it can automatically
 save test data;
4.Frequency Range: 30 ~ 300Hz;
5.Adjustable resolution: 0.01 ~ 0.001Hz;
6.Blue large-screen LCD displays test data;
7.Printed output voltage, frequency, and test electrical items such as test data volume; 8.USB communication interface, easy to managing test data;
9.Ultra-small, ultra-light, building block-type dry-type reactor and dry-type
9.Configuration flexibility:
 Reactor of multi-desktopDUT device under testcan be used in series/paralleling
 but it can be brought to the scene to determine the number of reactors according to
 DUTWith a compensation capacitor and light loads (such as short-cable) in parallel
 will enable the resonant frequency less than 65Hz, closer to the frequency 50Hz.

Technical Specifications:
- Output Capacity: 3 ~ 10000kVA
- Input Voltage: 220V/380V, 50/60Hz
- Output Voltage: 0 ~ 50kV, 0 ~ 100kV, 0 ~ 150kV,
               0 ~ 200kV, 0 ~ 250kV, 0 ~ 300kV
               0 ~ 400kV, 0 ~ 500kV, 0 ~ 600kV,
               0 ~ 700kV, 0 ~ 800kV, 0 ~ 900kV, 0 ~ 1000KV