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Resonant Test Set

Resonant Test Set Resonant Test Set Resonant Test Set
Product name:Resonant Test Set

The device is mainly designed and manufactured for AC voltage test of 500kV power system. The test set is suitable for testing 10KV, 35KV, 110kV, 220KV, 500KV level cable, power system, transformer, insulator, wall busbar, GIS AC withstand voltage. 

The reactor has many separate designs, which can meet the requirements of test conditions of high voltage and small current. It is the good ideal withstand equipment for the high voltage test department,the power installation and repair engineering units. The device is mainly composed of variable frequency control power supply, excitation transformer, high voltage reactor and capacitive voltage divider.
This device is a fourth generation AC voltage withstand resonance test device upgraded by our company's experience and market feedback. The fourth generation resonance AC voltage withstand test device interface is with 32 bit RISC CPU and simplified LINX kernel, 7 inch touch screen color graphics format, test resonant frequency curve, boost curve, curve display timing, real RMS of high voltage current, high voltage,low voltage, it has the function of protection, low voltage current, high voltage, flashover voltage protection function is more sensitive, the most advantage is not affected by the input power limits of 220V and 380V are used as the working power supply equipment.
Standard for compliance
1.GB501502006 "electrical device standard for hand over test of electric equipment installation engineering"
2.DL/T474.4-2006 "guide for implementation of field insulation test - AC withstand voltage test"
3.DL/T596-1996 "regulation of preventive test for electric power equipment"
4.GB/T16927.1-2-1997 "high voltage test technology"
5.DL/T1015 "guidelines for the use of on-the-spot DC and AC voltage test voltage measurement systems"
6.GB/T311.1-1997 "insulation and coordination of high voltage transmission and transformation equipment"
7.GB10229-1988 "reactor"
8.GB1094.3-2003 "power transformer"
9.GB191-2000 "package storage and transportation graphic sign"
10.JB/T9641-1999 "test transformer"
11.IEC 358 (1990) "coupling capacitor and capacitance divider"
12.GB4793-1984 "safety requirements for electronic measuring instruments"
13.GB/T3859.2-1993 "guidelines for application of semiconductor converters"
14.GB/T2423.8-1995 "basic environmental test rules for electrical and electronic products"
15.DL/T849.6-2004 "general technical conditions for special test instruments for
electric power equipment,the sixth part: high voltage resonance test device.
Schematic diagram
Parameters of Full System
- Rated Capacity: 800kVA;
- Output Voltage: 0-800KV
- Max Output current: 1A;
- Output frequency: 30-300Hz;
- Input Power: 400V  single phase, 50Hz
- Waveform distortion rate: output voltage distortion ≤ 1%;
- Working time: continuous 60 minutes under rated load;
- Working Temperature: -10℃~+40℃
- Quality factors:  Q ≥ 30 (f=45Hz);
- Stability: Over-current/over-voltage/Flashover protection;Auto Time;Touch Screen;
- Accuracy: RMS 1.0
System configuration and parameters

Sr no
Control unit
(Variable frequency power supply)


1 unit
Excitation Transformer


1 unit


10 units


1 unit
Testing cable
1 set
Insulation Support
1 set

1) Controller 40KVA/400V,  1 unit
- Rated output capacity: 40KVA
- Power Supply: 400V ± 10% (single phase), 50Hz
- Output Voltage: 0 - 400V, single phase;
- Rated Output Current: 105A;
- Rated Input Current: 105A  
- Output wave form: sine wave
- Voltage Resolution: 0.01kV
- Voltage measurement accuracy: 1.0%
- Frequency: 20 - 300Hz
- Frequency resolution: ≤ 0.1Hz
- Frequency stability: 0.1%
- Noise level: ≤ 50dB
- Size:45x50x60cm(Approx)
- Weight: about 50kgs
- The interior is controlled by the embedded touch screen, the operation function is optimized and the operation is simple.
- Automatically sweep frequency, find resonance point. Frequency range 20-300Hz, it can manually set sweep range, max sweep frequency time 3 minutes (full frequency sweep). Frequency resolution 0.1Hz automatically completes the test process according to the set program.
- Automatic test, users can set test program. The system automatically completes test process according to the setting program.
-Under automatic test, automatic tracking the resonant state. When the resonance state changes and exceeds the setted area, the system automatically tracks the resonance point. During the whole process, the system is guaranteed to work in the optimal output state, and the frequency voltage curve is drawn when frequency modulation is applied.
- Automatically follows voltage, the voltage is automatically adjusted to the target voltage when the voltage fluctuates normally, and the user can operate according to the test condition.
- Full voltage output protection: in the process of voltage regulation, it is strictly guaranteed that the frequency conversion power does not output full voltage.
- The software measured through strict simulation testing, it is safe, stable and reliable.
- Automatically save test data, data query function, query the previous test data according to the query conditions.
- LCD display voltage and current of the power supply; the frequency, voltage and current of the high voltage output.
- Protection function: power failure, overcurrent, overvoltage and flashover protection;
A) Overvoltage protection: the overvoltage protection value can be set artificially; when the output voltage of the whole set reaches the protection setting value, the whole set of device is automatically removed.
B) Overcurrent protection: the overcurrent protection value can be set artificially; when the output current of the whole set reaches the protection setting value, the whole set of device is automatically removed.
C) Breakdown protection: it has the function of discharge or flashover protection, and the whole set of device is automatically removed when the high voltage side occurs to the ground flashover. No damage to the test equipment and the body, the electronic components in the inverter power supply will not be penetrated
D) Power off protection: the device can be protected quickly after the power
- The internal structure of the frequency conversion power supply and its components are not changed after the normal highway and railway transportation, and the fasteners are not loose.
- The appearance and operation interface fully adopt humanized design, beautiful and easy to operate.
2) Excitation Transformer  2.5kV/15kv/30kV,   1 unit
- Rated capacity: 40kVA;                     
- Input voltage: 400V, single phase;
- Output voltage :15kv;30kV;
- Frequency:30-300Hz;             
- Structure: Dry Transformer,
- Size: 30x35x55cm (Approx)
- Weight: about 130kg;

3) Fixed Reactor 80KVA/80KV*,  10 units
- Rated Capacity: 80kVA;
- Rated voltage: 80kV;
- Rated current: 1A;
- Induction:180H/each part
- Quality factor: Q ≥ 30 (f=45Hz);
- Structure: Dry Transformer
- Size:Height of 0.5m/each (Approx)
- Weight: 70kgs/each;
4)High Voltage Divider 800kV -500pF,   1 unit
- Rated voltage: 800KV
- High-voltage capacitance: 500pF
- Frequency:30-300Hz
- Dielectric loss: tgσ ≤ 0.5%;
- Divider ratio: 1000:1
- Accuracy: RMS 1.0;
- Size:Height of 2.0m
- Weight: about 50kg;


Sr no
Power supply cable
1 pc
Measuring/connecting cables
1 set
Discharge rod
1 pc
Operating manual
1 pc
Calibration report
1 pc
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