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SF6 Halogen Gas Detector

SF6 Halogen Gas Detector
Product name:SF6 Halogen Gas Detector
Item:TIF XP-1A

◇ Complete Microprocessor control with advanced digital signal processing ability
◇ Three colors video display
◇ Seven sensitivity settings, maximum enhancement factor 64 times
◇ Soft-touch keyboard
◇ Sensitivity can be adjusted at any time
◇ Automatic battery test function ◇ Battery voltage indication
◇ Passing SAEJ1627 certification, detecting R134a, R12, R22.
◇ It can detect all halogen refrigerant
◇ Real mechanical pump sampling, provides positive flow probe
◇ Gradient change function
◇ 35 cm flexible stainless steel probe rod

Main Technical parameter

1. Power supply: 3V DC, 2 pieces of C alkaline batteries
2. Max sensitivity:   As per the standard of SAEJ1627:
                                 Suitable for R12、R22 & R134a
                                 Guarantee test value:14g/year
3. Limited sensitivity: Suitable for detecting SF6 and refrigerant based on all kinds of halogens.
                                     <3 grams/ year
4. Working temperature: 0-52℃
5. Battery life: 30 hours normally
6. Load cycle Continous: no limit
7. Response time: Transient
8. Reset time: 1 second
9. Warm-up time: about 2 seconds
10. Weight 560g
11. Size 22.9Cm*6.5Cm*6.5Cm
12. Probe length 35.5Cm
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