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Temporary Grounding Tools

Temporary Grounding Tools
Product name:Temporary Grounding Tools
I. Overview

1, 35KV portable short-circuit ground tools are recently developed a new generation products which can meet all the requirements of SD332-89 "portable short-circuit ground wire technology standards"

2, 35KV series portable short-circuit ground tools include insulated operating rod, wire clips, short routes, grounding wire, grounding Swiss sub, bus clip, earth clamp and other components. Wire holder, earth clamp are made of high quality aluminum alloy die-casting, high strength, and then by the clamp surface surface treatment should not be oxygen. Operating rod with epoxy resin imported refined into color management, good insulation properties, high strength, light weight, bright, smooth appearance, processing skills, it is a technology leader in the manufacture of similar products.

II.Technical indicators

1) 35KV class voltage;
2) Rod length: 1.5M;
3) Copper wire type: 35mm2;
4) Resistance: less than 0.56m ohm;
5) Unbreakdown/1min: 95KV;
6) 1.5M*4+10M
7) Ambient temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
8) Relative temperature: ≤ 90%