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Variable frequency Resonant Test equipment

Variable frequency Resonant Test equipment Variable frequency Resonant Test equipment Variable frequency Resonant Test equipment Variable frequency Resonant Test equipment
Product name:Variable frequency Resonant Test equipment
Price:Variable frequency Resonant Test equipment
 I. Specially for cable testing: 
1.Capacitance of cable 0.055uF;
2.Cable length: 200-300pF/meter, 150m 20km;
3.Test Voltage:60KV peak (Withstand voltage:54KV);
4.Test Frequency:30-300Hz;
5.Working time: 60 mins continous working.
II.Schematic diagram
III.working condition
1.Temperature-10°C   50°C;
3.Altitude:  ≤1000M
IV. Parameters of Full System
- Rated Capacity: 4050kVA;
- Output Voltage: 0-60KV
- Max Output current: 67.5A;
- Output frequency: 30-300Hz;
- Input Power: 380V, 3-phase 50Hz
- Waveform distortion rate: output voltage distortion ≤ 1%;
- Working time: continuous 60 minutes under rated load; 1 minute under overvloltage of 1.1 times
- Sine wave output waveform
- Quality factors:  Q ≥ 30 (f=45Hz);
- Stability: Over-current/over-voltage/Flashover protection;Auto Time;Touch Screen;
- Accuracy: RMS 1.5
V. Equipment configuration
Sr no
Control unit
1 unit
Excitation Transformer
1 unit
HV Reactor
3 units
Capacitance Divider
1 unit
Compensating Capacitor
1 unit
Connection Cables
1 set
1. Control unit :
1.1 Technical parameters
1.1.1 Power rating: 134KW ;
1.1.2 Input voltage: 380V ±10%, power frequency;
1.1.3 Output voltage: 0 ~ 400V single phase
1.1.4 Output voltage frequency: 30 ~ 300Hz
1.1.5 Rated output current:335A
1.1.6 Rated input current: 335A
1.1.7 Voltage resolution: 0.01KV
1.1.8 Voltage test accuracy: ±1.5%
1.1.9 Frequency Resolution: ≤0.1 Hz
1.1.10 Frequency Stability: 0.1%
1.1.11 Working time: 60 mins continous
1.1.12 Components highest temperature under 60 mins continuous working at rated capacitance:
≤ 65K ,
1.1.13 Noise level: ≤ 50dB
1.1.14 Net Weight: 220kgs
1.2 Advantage:
1.2.1 Placed way: the placement of variable frequency power for longitudinal and transverse, especially suitable for field operation and observe.
1.2.2 Shockproof protection: internal and external have special damping rubber support foot and protect aluminum boxes, which can effectively slow motion and lifting the bumpy transport the shock. Ensure the inverter power long-term stability and reliability.
1.2.3 Parameter display: touch or external mouse LCD interface display system.
Can show resonance voltage (namely test before setting goals voltage), test frequency, measure frequency, low-pressure voltage, low voltage electric current, voltage time, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, flash winding protection, phase booster and stage timing, operation mode switch, capacitor, inductance, frequency swap calculation, parameters, still can show inquiry on frequency curve, voltage curve can intuitivey judgment when trials resonance frequency accurately and stability.
1.2.4 Parameter Settings: big screen touch LCD backlit and external mouse directly in completing various parameters Settings. But on the initial frequency, termination frequency, starting voltage, phase booster and timing, measuring bleeder variable ratio, incentive change ratio, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, flash winding protection, test mode, capacitance inductance frequency swap calculation, parameter setting tips, and help parameters Settings or choice.
1.2.5 Test mode: touch screen and external mouse operation, there is automatic and semi-automatic, manual three operating status. With pressor, tuning (including manual, automatic), subsection pressurized and timing, running status, pattern switching, troubleshooting tips, capacitance inductance frequency swap computing functions, etc.
1.2.6 Protection function and information clew: having high-pressure over-voltage protection, low-pressure over-current, over-current protection, as well as detuning protection, zero, shem winding protection, emergency stop, undervoltage protection multiple protection function.
1.2.7 Data storage function: test results preservation, print, upload, back to check, etc.
A, Test results: manual or automatic test is finished, the interface of the test results can show trial, when test detailed parameters, may indicate a dramatic disruption interrupt state. Can be stored in memory, the parameters of the memory for non-volatile memory, can save 50 times test records.
B, Data query: but will have saved the test results data displayed on the screen. Also has USB interface, can print or using equipment data output carried by playing printing machine to print.
1.2.8 Automatic voltage function: system according to the test voltage or manually set of automatic tracking and boost results, stable test voltage, voltage stability can amount to 1.0%.
1.2.9 FM range and frequency resolution all can set: FM range set:30~300Hz、45~100Hz、200-300Hz, on-demand setting, can accelerate tuning process; The frequency resolution, according to the needs, presetting 0.1 Hz, 0.2 Hz, 0.5 Hz, or 1.0 Hz, efficiency and tuned in tuned balance between accuracy obtained optimization.
10.Frequency adjustment is divided into thick harmonic fine tuning, and automatic resonant point, guarantee for trials in the whole experiment resonant frequency process does not happen drift.
2. Excitation Transformer ,134kVA/2kV/0.4kV, 1 unit
- Rated capacity: 134kVA;                     
- Input voltage: 400V, single phase;
- Output voltage :2KV;
- Frequency:30-300Hz;
- Structure: Oil-immersed Transformer,
- Weight: about 630kg;
3. HV Reactor, 1350kVA/60kV, 3 units
- Rated Capacity: 1350kVA;
- Rated voltage: 60kV;
- Rated current: 22.5A;
- Inductor:12H/each section
- Quality factor: Q ≥ 30 (f=45Hz);
- Structure: Oil-immersed Transformer
- Weight: 980kgs/each.
4. Capacitor Divider 60kV -1000pF,   1 unit
- Rated voltage: 60KV
- High-voltage capacitance: 1000pF
- Dielectric loss: tgσ ≤ 0.5%;
- Divider ratio: 1000:1
- Accuracy: RMS 1.5;
- Size:Height of 1.5m
- Weight: about 26kg;
5. Compensating Capacitor:60kV -20000pF,   1 unit
- Rated voltage: 60KV
- High-voltage capacitance: 1000pF
- Weight: 10kg;
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