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AC/DC Hipot Tester

AC/DC Hipot Tester AC/DC Hipot Tester AC/DC Hipot Tester AC/DC Hipot Tester
Product name:AC/DC Hipot Tester
GTB-5KVA/100KV Manual AC Hipot Test Sets (Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Tester, dry type transformer) 
mainly includes 1 manual control unit and 1 dry testing transformer(HV unit,dry type) ,it has many monitoring and
protection functions
, it gives DC output when adding additional DC rectifying diode (Rectifying Diode for buyers option).
1.Control unit
 Switch on sound and light alarms;
 Time sound and light alarms;
 Electronic low-voltage current protection;
 High voltage direct-reading;
 Voltage withstand test of time free to set up;
 Mobile structures
2.Dry transformer’s advantage:
 Epoxy resin vacuum casting and CD type iron core structure technology
 Small size, light weight and compact structure, noleakage, maintenance free;
 Simple wiring, easy to use;
 Reliable Insulation, beautiful appearance;
 Over voltage protection function
Technical parameters
A.Manual Control unit (portable, box type)
1.Input:240V/single phase
2.Rated capacity:5kVA
3.Input Current:20.8A               
4.Output voltage:0~250V
5.Output current:25A
6.Working time:≤2 mins
7.Coolingnatural cooling.
8.Size:380×280×230(mm³); Transport size: 520*390*320mm
9.Net weight:20Kg; Transport weight: 28kgs
B. Dry Transformer
1. Capacity5KVA
2. Input Voltage:AC220V, 50/60Hz
3. Power Input25A
4. Output Voltage:AC:0-100KV; DC: 0-140KV            
5. Output current: AC 0-50mA; DC: 0-35.7mA
6. Impedance voltage: 12%
7. Surface temperature-raising: < 55°C
8. No-load current: < 4%
9. DC Continuous working time: ≤ 60 mins
10. Output voltage waveform: sine wave,power frequency
11. Size:430 x 370 x 850mm; transport size: 600*500*105mm
12. Net weight: 60kgs; transport weight: 95kgs
Transport Packing list
Sr no
Description of Commodity
Transport Size
Control unit
1 unit
28 kgs
 20 kgs
Dry transformer 100KV
1 unit
 60 kgs
DC Rectifying Diode (For optional)
1 unit
Microampermeter (For optional)
1 unit
Discharging rod (For optional)
1 unit
Water Resistor (For optional)
1 unit