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Automatic interface tension tester

Automatic interface tension tester Automatic interface tension tester Automatic interface tension tester Automatic interface tension tester
Product name:Automatic interface tension tester
Price:Automatic interface tension tester
According to GB6541-86 "petroleum products oil to water interfacial tension measurement method" (ring method), the full-automatic interfacial tension tester is used to measure the surface tension of various liquids (liquid-gas interface) and the interfacial tension between mineral oil and water (liquid-liquid interface). It is easy to operate by pressing the LCD menu with high reliability.
Technical parameter
1.Display: large screen dot matrix LCD with backlight function,menu prompt;
2.All test and calculation contents for GB6541 standard are included in the menu.
3.Button: menu prompt;
4.Measurement range: 2-100 Mn / M
5.Sensitivity: 0.1mn/m
6.Accuracy: 0.1mn/m
7.Resolution: 0.1mn/m
8.Repeatability: 0.3%
9.Applicable temperature: 10-30 ℃ (typical value: 25 ℃)
10.Applicable humidity: (20 ~ 75)﹪RH
11.Power supply: AC 220 V ± 5%, 50 Hz
12.Power: 20VA
13.Dimensions: 185 × 260 × 360 (mm)
14.Weight: 15 kg
Working principle
The working principle of the instrument is to apply the high frequency induction micro displacement automatic balance measurement system to the torsion balance, that is, when the force acting on the platinum ring changes, the balance bar connected with the platinum ring will produce displacement in the two eddy current probes, which will change the inductance of the two eddy current probes, which will cause the differential transformer to lose balance, and then the circuit will be in the middle differential The input signal of the dynamic amplifier is also out of balance. After being amplified by the amplifier, an electrical signal varying with the force on the platinum ring is output. The signal is sent to the microprocessor for processing, and the actual tension of the tested sample is automatically calculated according to international GB6541.

Structural features
1. Large screen LCD
2. Sample cup: used to hold sample to be tested
3. Zero fine adjustment
4. Ring frame rod
5. Platinum ring: for measuring sample
6. Sample tray
7. No identification key
8. Backlight (No backlight for improved models)
9. Machine foot: adjust instrument level
10. Printer, computer interface
11. Power switch
12. Power socket
13. Fuse 1A
14. Fine adjustment for full scale
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Power supply cable

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Platinum gold ring

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Tension cup

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Operating manual

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Calibration report

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