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Oil Acid Value Tester

Oil Acid Value Tester Oil Acid Value Tester Oil Acid Value Tester Oil Acid Value Tester
Product name:Oil Acid Value Tester
Item:DH703 DH706
This model of oleic acid value tester is a high accuracy and full digital industrial instrument developed by all scientific research and technical personnel of our company according to the relevant provisions of national standards, giving full play to their own advantages and through long-term unremitting efforts. The machine is easy to operate and beautiful. The instrument is controlled by a fully automatic digital microcomputer. The basic framework is acid-base neutralization reaction of chemical analysis. With the self-developed program of background blank deduction and titration end-point logic judgment, the precision and accuracy of the measurement are ideal.
The detection of oleic acid value of transformer and steam turbine is a routine inspection item of oil filled electrical equipment in power system and industrial and mining enterprises. The oleic acid value tester is a special equipment developed by our company for the acid value determination of the above oil products. With a single-chip microcomputer as its core, the instrument is a great achievement of multi-disciplinary technologies such as optics, mechanics, electronics and chemistry. It has basically replaced manual operation, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity of operators, and minimizes the harm of organic solvents and other chemicals to human body.
The instrument adopts the principle of neutralization method. At normal temperature, microcomputer control can automatically complete the liquid adding, stirring, titration and end-point judgment. Touch LCD screen is used to select all working parameters. The man-machine interface is simple and friendly, and the operation is convenient. The average analysis period of oil sample is about 2 minutes. It can display up to 35 groups of measurement results, and print out a number of parameters related to the determination.
A special reagent bottle was used to contain the extraction solution and neutralization solution. The extraction solution is stored in a glass container to ensure no plastic additive pollutants. The neutralization solution was stored in polyethylene plastic bottle, which completely avoided the possibility of reaction between caustic potassium and glass. In addition, self-developed neutralization liquid equilibrium gas solid purification device can completely avoid the influence of carbon dioxide and water vapor on the concentration of neutralization solution, and the accident of using high concentration caustic potassium or caustic soda purification solution as titration standard solution will not occur. In the working process, the user does not need to contact with organic solvents, which reduces the harm of chemicals to human body.
According to the needs of users, the automatic acid value tester can measure 1 ~ 3 samples (Model no.DH703), or 1 ~ 6 samples (Model no.DH706) respectively.
Main technical parameter
1. Linear range: 0.001 ~ 0.900 mgKOH/g;
2. Correlation coefficient: 0.999 ~ 0.9998
3. Recovery: 98 ~ 103%
4. Minimum resolution: 0.001 mgKOH/g
5. Repeatability: 2 ~ 5% (RSD)
6. Measurement accuracy:
-Acid value:± 0.003 mgKOH / g in the range of 0.001 ~ 0.100 mgKOH/g;
-Acid value: 2~5% display value in the range of 0.100 ~ 0.900 mgKOH/g
7. Display mode: large screen touch color LCD
8. Overall dimension: (width) 420 mm × (height) 190 mm × (depth) 340 mm
9. Net weight: 9 kg
10.Operating condtions:
-Ambient temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃
-Relative humidity ≤ 85%
-Working power supply AC 220 V ± 10%
-Power frequency 50 ± 5 Hz
-Power consumption < 150 W
1. It adopts 320x240 graphic dot matrix LCD, full screen touch button.
2. According to the principle of neutralization titration, it can automatically complete the process of adding liquid, titrating, stirring and judging the end point of titration under normal temperature under the control of microcomputer. The results can be printed out on the LCD screen.
3. The extraction solution and neutralization solution are added by peristaltic pump with high precision.
4. Automatic memory function, automatically save 35 groups datas.
5. The special reagent bottle is used to contain the extraction solution and neutralization liquid. The reagent does not contact with the air in the process of use, so as to avoid the influence of solvent volatilization and CO2 in the air; the user does not need to touch the solvent, which reduces the harm of organic solvents and chemicals to human body.
6. The instrument is easy to operate. It adopts large screen LCD display and Chinese menu selection. The user only needs to select the menu function and input relevant data according to the screen prompt, and the instrument can automatically complete the whole process of acid value determination.
7. Only one sample can be determined or 1-6 samples can be determined continuously.
8. Thermal micro printer
Instrument structure
1. Appearance
2.Darkroom for oil sample determination
3.Peristaltic pump for extraction and neutralization
 Sr no
Power supply cable
Fuse (3A)
Oil cup
3 (6 for DH706)
Stirring magnet
3 (6 for DH706)
Neutralization titration needle
Extraction syringe needle
Extraction pump pipe
Neutralization pump pipe
Extraction solution
2 x 500ml
Neutralization Solution
1 x 250ml
Standard acid
2 x 5ml
Print paper
Calibration report
Operating manual
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