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CB Analyzer CT2002E

CB Analyzer CT2002E
Product name:CB Analyzer CT2002E

Apply to imports of this product, as much as various types of oil circuit-breaker, less oil circuit-breaker, SF6 circuit-breaker, vacuum circuit-breaker, such as high-voltage switchgear (circuit breakers) to test the mechanical properties. Also apply to electromagnetic Action appliances (such as contactors, relays, etc.) the test of time.
Basic functions
1.Time: Inherent in opening (closing) time
Opening-simultaneity of the switching device
Closing-simulataneity of the switching device
Opening (closing) springing time; reading wave map from the time
Close-open time
2.Speed: speed at instant of contacts separating(touching)
         the maximum speed of contacts separating(touching)
Average speed in specified period (paragraph itinerary, rotation angle above)
3.travel: travel(of contact)
        Ultra-trip (trip to insert)
Overshoot trip
Trip back to shells
Technical Indicator
1.Test range:0.1ms1S12S
 Accuracy: ± (0.1% reading +2 digits)
 Graphic Display: 1S, the 13 all the way ≮ 0.1ms hopping
 2.Speed range1mm Sensor (oil switchSF6   0.0120.00m/s
    0.1mm Sensor (vacuum switch)    0.0012.00m/s
 1 ° angle sensor (vacuum switch, SF6) 1 cycle / 1 °
   Accuracy: 1mm sensor ± (1% reading +1 digit)
0.1mm sensor ± (2% reading +1 digit)
1 ° angle sensor ± (1% reading +1 digit)
   Graphics: V-t and every point on the curve (V, t) values
 3.Test range: 1mm sensor 0999mm
0.1mm sensor 0.140mm
angle sensor 0360°
 Accuracy: ± (1% reading +1 word)
 Graphic Display: St Curve and every value of 0.1mm or 1mm or 1 ° displacement
4.The test of current characteristics
 Test range: 40mA10A
 Resolution: 40mA
 Accuracy: ± (1% reading +40 am)
 Graphical display: It curve and every point on the curve (I, t) the parameter values
5.Trigger Mode: coil voltage, current, sensors, fracture of any synchronization signal to
 trigger DC power
6.Output voltage: 30250VContinuously adjustable
7.Outpour current: ≤ 20A
8.Load change rate: ≤ 1%
9. AC220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
10.Net Weight: 6kg
11.Dimension: 360 × 160 × 320 (mm ³)