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Dissolved Gas Analyzer for transformer oil

Dissolved Gas Analyzer for transformer oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer for transformer oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer for transformer oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer for transformer oil
Product name:Dissolved Gas Analyzer for transformer oil
Brief introduction

Transformer oil chromatograph (Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer) is used to determine the component content of dissolved gas in transformer oil by chromatography. It is an effective means for power generation and power supply enterprises to judge whether there are latent overheating, discharge and other faults in oil filled power equipment in operation, so as to ensure the safe and effective operation of power grid. It is also a necessary means for oil filled electrical equipment manufacturers to carry out factory inspection on their equipment.

It is suitable for the determination of dissolved gas components in insulating oil of power system. The total analysis of seven dissolved gas components in insulating oil can be completed with one sample injection. The minimum detection concentration of acetylene is 0.05ppm, the stable time is less than 40 minutes, and the baseline is stable.

Main detection: H2, Co, CO2, CH4, C2H4, C2H6, C2H2

Instrument features

1. The configuration scheme of special gas chromatograph for insulation is equipped with double FID detector, TCD detector, nickel conversion furnace, packed column sampler and three special chromatographic columns for insulating oil. The analysis results can be obtained by one injection of seven gases in insulating oil: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, ethane, acetylene, ethylene and hydrogen.

2. New production process, redesigning the air source channel and internal structure in the instrument, making the layout of parts more reasonable, reducing signal interference of components, improving detection accuracy, and excellent stability and durability of the equipment.

3. It adopts 7-inch color touch screen control and professional chromatograph UI operation interface design, which can directly reflect the internal temperature value of injection port, column temperature box and detector, and the values of each detector, as well as the running time. It has the function of one key cooling. The user can set the detection conditions by himself, which is convenient for use 

4. The instrument has excellent repeatability. The repeatability error of the instrument can reach 2% under the experimental conditions of using automatic sampler, which is better than 3% of the national standard.

5. The column temperature box adopts six independent temperature control system, automatic back door opening system, 30 stage 31 platform temperature programmed, fast rising / cooling speed, and temperature control accuracy of 0.1 ℃, which makes the equipment competent for large-scale sample analysis.

6. It can be directly connected with the computer, and can be operated by PC terminal network edition chromatography workstation software (maximum support 253 sets), and realize the temperature rising and cooling of instrument injection port, column temperature box and detector by program control. Under the condition that the customer is equipped with an automatic injection valve (or an automatic injector), it can realize some test procedures such as unattended instrument, automatic temperature rising and ignition, automatic loading method, automatic calculation of test results, etc., meeting the requirements of online test.

7. Exclusive Internet of things chromatograph technology, built-in IP protocol stack, can upload test data to the computer of field laboratory, department head and superior leader through enterprise LAN or Internet, so as to facilitate each department to monitor the operation and test results of the instrument in real time. It can connect with manufacturers directly through the Internet to realize remote diagnosis and remote program update of gas chromatograph.

Technical data
Temperature control
Above room temperature4— 450℃,
Liquid nitrogen refrigeration for optional:-80℃-400℃
Accuracy of column oven temperature control
Display accuracy
Column oven rising rate
30 stage 31 platform temperature programming, 0-40 ℃ / min (adjustment increment 0.1 ℃ / min) up to 80 ℃ / min
Temperature programmed repeatability
TCD Detector sensitivity
S value≥15000mv.ml/mg(benzene)
Baseline drift
Baseline noise
FID Detection limit
Baseline drift
≤1×10-13 A/30min
Baseline noise
Automation Engineering
It can be added: automatic injector connection, four ways flow pressure display functions; Anti-control workstation for optional
Measurement index of transformer oil

Minimum detection limit of gas in transformer oil (unit: uL / L)


(Better than national standard)

Base Configuration 
Network reverse control chromatograph, 7-inch color touch screen, large volume column oven design, integrated vaporizer design, double column and double gas path, double steady flow design, microcomputer temperature control, real-time display of six temperature control, temperature rise state, network (up to 253 channels) digital signal output, fault self-test, overheat protection, timing switch on and off, removable quartz high-temperature nozzle, 30 stage 31 platform temperature program Automatic double back door opening system (can connect multiple external events, suitable for real-time online monitoring), automatic ignition
Chromatographic injector
Packed column injector
For microinjector injection
High sensitivity detector
FID detector 2sets,TCD detector 1set(Multiple magnification)
Special chromatographic column for determination of transformer oil
One test H2、CO、CO2;
One test CH4、C2H4、C2H6、C2H2;
One for TCD reference gas
Neutral or weak polarity
Ni Reformer
Convert trace CO, CO2 into CH4 and respond in FID
Fully automatic oscillator
For sample oil and gas collection
Standard gas
7-component dissolved gas, 4L, including pressure relief valve
200 small rubber caps, 10 pieces for 5ml & 100ml glass syringe, 2 pcs for 1ml glass syringes, 1 Quantitative card and 1 box of stainless steel needles
Special chromatographic workstation for transformer oil
Used for chromatograph control and data communication
Digital signal communication, various parameter setting of computer counter control chromatograph
Computers and printers
Windows XP or win7, 32-bit system
Hydrogen generator
High purity hydrogen (up to 99.995%) is produced
Hydrogen cylinders (including pressure relief valves) can also be purchased
Air generator
Three stage oil-free compressed air is produced
Air cylinders (including pressure relief valve) can also be purchased
Nitrogen cylinder and pressure reducing valve
99.999% Nitrogen 40L
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